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Good win for the AB's last night 39-10 !!! in a very wet/windy Auckland .... last match before they destroy the South Stand & the terraces .... don't really think the terraces should go - but money talks these days .... can't have the rowdy real fans turning up to the game can we ????

still strmy this morning - with heavy rain coming thru before out game - just as we started it cleared away - shouldn't be too bad the rest of the week (here: - pity the rain isn't reaching the hydro lakes in south island ( so still gotta be careful there ......

On subject of Hockey matches - note to self do not taker up invites from C/T etc. for dinner when you have early game!!! even with my nutrition slip still eat better - forgotten how much better I eat .

gonna do the gym before I go & watch the C1 women's game this afternoon they have a 05:30 start.


Jul. 27th, 2008 03:25 pm
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Last couple of days have been a bit hairy with the wither bomb which has hit Auckland
see here for bit more info:

Even so did some bodyweight circuit yesterday - & braved the horizontal rain/wind for some bare essentials.

While the weather bomb has continued - Hockey was not cancelled today - so in the madness of the rain & wind we WON! 3-0 I think was the final score.

on a annoyance level lost power last night about 8.00pm - got returned in the early hours of the morning so missed the Rugby ......

Now I have going to go & warm myself up from the wind chill factor with hot soup


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