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Rested up this weekend - got outside today & enjoyed the sunny autumn weather - gotta love this time of year ....

Am well overdue for visiting podiatrist so finally made an appointment - haven't been for 3 years - yeah gotta love having high arches & pressure points - got to the point I can't work around barefee without pain - I know its my own fault.

Once I got that sorted out need to also got back to optometrist - which i also haven't see for a few years - think my eyesight is getting worse - obviously not eating enough spinach - lol!!

Then look at this achilles problem - found this link today thanks to runners community on lj ;

all that said back in the gym tomorrow

Here are a couple of links comes my way in last few days as well ...

some more core stuff :

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Back beginning October& Then November  set myself some  fitness goals - short term:

"Well I tend to exercise driven/motivated  not image driven -  so here goes:

 To be well underway to being the fittest 40year old hockey player on my team next season/year J

Squats currently 80kg - goal 120

Chin-ups currently 5-6 - goal 10reps (straight in a row)

Chest press currently 22.5/25kg  - goal 30kg " 

So how are things going: well this week will tell the story being my 1st week back to TT workouts, so far:

squats -  was playing  safe yesterday did 90 - could easily have done 100 ( see how this goes tomorrow)
chin-ups  - can  easily do 7-8 - so also well on my way
Chest press - Thursdays workout will be telling - but reckon am pretty near doing this as well

In Jan 2008:
Thoughts for 2008: My health goals has been to be lean & strong.

My long term health goal is to be the 1st generation to die of old-age rather than heart-disease which is epdemic in my family - the men in family start dying at the age of 40 from heart attacks etc. I am determined this will not happen to this generation & hope to inspire my brothers that our fate is not pre-determined.

so by the end of this year that means:
weight - will be in the 75-80kg range
bodyfat will be 14% or less
Diet - will track & aim for 90% compliance
strenth - not sure how to measure this one - perhaps measure compare PB - meantime comit to 3 TT workouts a week + intervals


So have I achieved what i set out - or am i least on track?

To be completely honest not a great year as i let work take more energy & time, as a result my health/fitness goals suffered. this year things will change.

Strength stuff:
Squats - currently doing  100kg - should be able to do 120 with the next month - goal to achieve 150kg

Chin-ups - haven't done these for a couple of weeks or so ( not in current programme) but am right on track here

DB chest press -  Currently doing 27.5kg  - goal was 30kg reckon on a good day can do these  - so upwards 35 kg would be next goal. ( BTW still prefer DB press over Bench - don't want to risk my shoulder to injuries)

Time commitment
This last year I have continued with the mid-late evening workouts - which is where m problem is because am working late am getting home stuffed so either skipping or  not having the energy for a decent workout. These needs to change this year.  While work will continue to challenge me  I can change my commitment to  my workouts.

Next 30 days  have commited to getting up earlier ie :
workdays: By end of month I will be getting up @ 05:30
Non-workdays: By end of month I will be getting up @ 07:30

so By Feb 09 - I can start getting to the gym before 06:00am

always one for me  -  I have commited to log my food daily in  CalorieKing & post on  my logs
Food will always be a challenge just have to be commited to keep it in focus

To take regular photos rather than rely on  scale weight ......


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