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 Thanks guys ... much appreciated !! checked out map my run & realised it was 5k - so not too bad for 1st run. Treadmill run tonight if I get my shit sorted out & TT early tomm morning. Hump day so its nearer the weekend :)
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Got sent this in an e-mail today - some great ideas in here - nice & simple :

So what are you going to get done today? Here are 3 of my best tips for getting work done.

1) Only check your email once or twice per day (but you knew that already, right?)

2) Get one BIG project done first thing, as soon as you have a chance to sit down at your computer.

When I was still training full days, I got up 10 minutes early - at 4:40 am - just to get something done and move my online business ahead.

3) Time block your work.

Don't jump around and multi-task. Plan your days so that you can spend a couple of hours straight working on your ebooks or article writing. Trying to do while answering email, writing client programs, and visiting your favorite websites is the wrong way...get focused to get things done!

Bonus tip: Each morning, make a list of 3 things that must get done before you go to bed that night. Come hell or highwater, you must get those things done.

Bonus bonus tip: Be ruthless with your time. Shut off the phone, strap yourself down, and get things DONE!

Get it done and get paid,


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