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Feb. 20th, 2009 09:17 pm
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 Well for those that care - good Rugby tonight ;Hurricanes vs Highlanders - who would have guessed 17-17 @ 75 mins! ? wet ball game looks like its turning for the Canes - shouldn't really have been this close ..... Blues are in S.A not feeling good about that result.

Great news on Hockey front India are over for few weeks playing Blacksticks - hope to get to one of the games: Cricket tour starts next week as well .....

Hockey muster trials in a couple of weeks so not too much time for TV sports watching - probably won't stop me though.....

Been off track with Nutrition/wok hours/sleep etc this week - think some of it was me going into self destruct mode - don't ask me why I just do !!! - last weekend started to see the gradual benefits of recent weeks etc & saw have got that athletic body I want - can't ask much more a few weeks out from 40th B'day can you ???

So this week back on track - keep the focus & keep the faith that I do deserve this this - just gotta keep the love of work in balance with staying physically healthy & enjoying life ! - Keep it simple


Feb. 8th, 2009 11:48 am
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Got up early this morning in part for the football BUT also as its forecast to be 30-40C over most of the country today - with Auckland humidity that will be a killer - was 24C & over 80% humidity when i went to the gym   .... Still got a great if very sweaty workout in  -  nice cloud cover which now seems to be disappearing - its going to be a HOT one !

Perfect day to lounge in front of the TV in the afternoon watching cricket - 4pm start by then that's all I will want to do :) 

NZ sevens was great - ENG won - but you have to admire the brute strength of Forbes playing on a fracture in the lower leg ( I kid you not) see here for more details of the game 

Workout A - 2K5 Bodyweight 

warmup x2
1A) Prisioner squat 10 reps 
1B) Elevated Push-Up 8 reps per side  (used med-ball)
1C)SB leg curl 12 reps 

Warmup - superset 
1A - BB Squat : 8 Reps - 60kg/8, 60kg/8 
1B) DB chest press: 6 Reps 22.5kg/8 22.5kg/8

1A - BB Squat : 8 Reps 100kg/8, 100kg/8, 100kg/8 
1B) DB chest press: 6 Reps 27.5kg/8, 27.5kg/8, 27.5kg/8 ** back up again*** 

2A) BB RDL: 8 Reps 60kg/8, 80kg/8, 80kg/8 ** used split grip on last two - this worked** 
2B) Spiderman pushup: 5 Reps per side 6/6, 6/6, 6/6 ** changed these up to decline** 

3A) DB step-up: 10 Reps peer side ** Now BB** 50kg- 8/8, 60kg-8/8 60kg-8/8 
3B) DB rear deltoid raise : 12 Reps 15kg/12, 15kg/12,15kg/12,

+ 20 mins Intervals on Bike - 6 cycles 
hard-30 secs - easy 90 secs 

warmup/cool-down : level 10 
Easy: level 7-8 
Hard: level 40-43


Jul. 27th, 2008 03:25 pm
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Last couple of days have been a bit hairy with the wither bomb which has hit Auckland
see here for bit more info:

Even so did some bodyweight circuit yesterday - & braved the horizontal rain/wind for some bare essentials.

While the weather bomb has continued - Hockey was not cancelled today - so in the madness of the rain & wind we WON! 3-0 I think was the final score.

on a annoyance level lost power last night about 8.00pm - got returned in the early hours of the morning so missed the Rugby ......

Now I have going to go & warm myself up from the wind chill factor with hot soup


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