Jan. 12th, 2010 08:26 pm
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Bodyweight-complexes - Advanced: ( 6 sets - 30 sec rest between):
8 Pylo split squats - subbed with Reverse lunges ( 8/8)
8 Jump squats
8 Explosive pushups or Decline Spiderman pushups ( bench) 8/8
8 Burpees
30 sec plank hold

Short rest then:
Rope-skipping 6 sets - 30 secs between:
Skipping 60 secs

Finish with 10 mins bike

Nutrition without standard lunch is working a treat & am not bingeing as could be the case - feels like its working by my jeans as well - Tanita scales have still not arrived just got an email stating they will be in stock Thursday - Well why the ##@ didn't you post that on your website ??? hmm ?? yes of course because I would have gone elsewhere ..... nevermind another few days won't hurt in the grand scheme of things

Plan of taking my breaks & reading well hasn't quite worked out - but am getting plenty of reading on the bus/home - but really do need to start to take my breaks .

Now I think I have lost my cell phone ... bugger just when I have convinced myself an IPhone is not essential!!

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2K7- workout A
Bodyweight warm-up: x2
A: 1-Arm ( broomstick) overhead squat - 10, 10,10
B: Stick-ups -8 Reps 10, 10,10
C: Close-grip push-ups -8 Reps10, 10,10

Warm-up x2
1A - BB Squats : 60kg-8, 60kg-8
1B - DB Incline press : 22.5kg-8, 22.5kg-8

1A BB Squats -: 100kg-8, 100kg-8, 100kg-8
# note concentrating on getting parallel everytime
1B DB Incline press - 25kg-8, 25kg-8, 25kg-10

2A DB Row - 32.5kg-8/8, 32.5kg-8/8, 32.5kg-8/8
2B 1-leg bench squat - 8 Reps for all sets 8/8, 8/8 8/8

3A DB swing - 15 Reps 20kg-15, 20kg-15, 20kg-15
3B Squat-thrusts with pushup - 10 reps x3

Wasn't going to push it too hard today since its the 1st day in the gym since last Sunday .... That said thought was a good solid workout - even got full reps on DB rows at that challenging weight.

Decided to do the intervals on separate days for awhile, think I need that to keep me active over winter months - lets see ....

Not great over the last few weeks, but as usual seems I have been overly harsh on myself weight today was 82kg so not really that bad!!

Need to change food for lunches as the weather change, call me what you want but can't seem to eat salads once the weather changes ... so plan was to have soups + fruit/yoghurt ( kept the protein up) as really need a change from chicken ... BUT then I have a WTF! moment in the supermarket every packet/canned soup had onions in them !! bugger. so guess will have to be beans on toast or something similar ?? hmmm
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Okay, up until recently this has been my nutrition balance:

M1: Apple or pear & yoghurt + 2 wholegrain bread & honey

M2 Protein shake made with skim milk

M3 chicken or beef & salad sandwich with grain bread Or Tuna & veg salad

M4 Protein shake made with skim milk

M5 humus/edam cheese & wholegrain crackers

M6 chicken/fish/beef & salad/veg

M7 gingernut biscuits + tea

Extras odd zero coke / tea with milk only / water

So thing is I don't find it healthy to stay on shakes on a permanent basis - so will come off them for next month & eat more real food :)

so will sub more fruit/yoghurt/nuts/veg/humus to replace the shakes.

with season changing will replace tuna salad with chicken/salad/humus pita bread thing


Mar. 21st, 2009 06:27 pm
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Workout A - 2K6 - Week 2 (05:00pm ish)
Bodyweight warmup x2
1A) bodyweight squat 10 reps
1B) close-grip Push-Up 10 reps
1C)SB leg curl 12 reps

Warmup - superset
1A) DB incline press : 6 Reps - 22.5kg/6 22.5kg/6,
1B) DB Row: 6 Reps 25kg-6/6, 25kg-6/6

1A) DB incline press : 6 Reps - 27.5kg/6 27.5kg/6, 27.5kg/6,
1B) DB Row: 6 Reps 32.5kg-4/5, 32.5kg-4/5, 32.5kg-4/5,
** Nice increase on the rows

2A) chinups: 8 Reps - bodyweight -9, 8, 8,
2B) DB chest press: 8 Reps 30kg/8, 27.5kg/8, 27.5kg/8,
*** Nice increase on Chest press 30kg !! back there at last - would have been all set except fatigue set in from less than perfect nutrition today

3A) Close-grip pushups : 25 Reps 30, 30, 30
3B) DB Rear Delt raise : 10 Reps = 15kg/10, 17.5kg/10, 17.5kg/10,
** Nice increase on Delt raise
+ Intervals -

Dam good workout - even more so considering I discovered my battery was dead on the ipod when i go to the gym - which meant slow torture from gym music ....


Mar. 8th, 2009 08:49 pm
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Been offline most of the weekend - got enthralled in a couple of books :) last week was a bad one - not sure what happened there - happened last year when Hockey started - gotta find a way to balance TT & Hockey. ... well for now lets see how many seasons I can do this especially if I am going to play on the wing again.

Early morning today - some hill walking

+ TT hard similar stuff to last week - but was harder to push out - nutrition has not been great this weekend - still good

Workout A - 2K6 - Week 2 (06:00pm ish)
Bodyweight warmup x2
1A) bodyweight squat 10 reps
1B) close-grip Push-Up 10 reps
1C)SB leg curl 12 reps

Warmup - superset
1A) DB incline press : 6 Reps - 22.5kg/6 22.5kg/6,
1B) DB Row: 6 Reps 25kg-6/6, 25kg-6/6

1A) DB incline press : 6 Reps - 27.5kg/6 27.5kg/6, 27.5kg/6,
1B) DB Row: 6 Reps 32.5kg-4/4, 30kg-6/6 , 30kg-6/6

2A) chinups: 8 Reps - bodyweight -8, 7+1, 7+1,
2B) DB chest press: 8 Reps 27.5kg/8, 27.5kg/8, 27.5kg/8,

3A) Close-grip pushups : 25 Reps 25, 25, 25
3B) DB Rear Delt raise : 10 Reps = 15kg/10, 15kg/10, 15kg/10,

+ 20min Bike - Mod intensity - endurance
4 mins - level 20
1 min - level 8
& repeat

Ipod: Jesus mary chain - really need to find time to update my workout Ipod


Feb. 26th, 2009 07:36 pm
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Kicked myself out of bed  - 80% okay but my body  is definitely fighting the cold bugs - can feel it on my chest  ( asthma thing) - so just did weights this morning & skipped intervals  ..... feeling okay tonight

Spent most of the last few days dealing  with tough stuff at work - fallout from  Transpower failure on Feb 13 - those  on SPOT market contracts are not going to like their bills this month!!!

anyway keep food  good - but here's workout B

B - 2K6 - Week 1
Bodyweight warmup x2 
1A) bodyweight  squat 10 reps 
1B) close-grip Push-Up 10 reps 
1C)SB leg curl 12 reps 

Warmup - superset 
1A) 1-leg SB leg curl : 8 Reps - 8/8, 8/8 
1B) SB roll-outs: 10 Reps 10/10, 10/10

1A) 1-leg SB leg curl : 8 Reps - 8/8, 8/8 8/8
1B) SB roll-outs: 10 Reps 10/10, 10/10 10/10

2A) BB RDL: 8 Reps - 80kg-8, 80kg-8, 80kg-8,
2B) DB  Push- press: 6 Reps 15kg/8, 15kg/8, 15kg/8, 

3A) BB Squat  : 12 Reps  100kg-8, 100kg-12 100kg-12  
3B) SB jacknife : 15 Reps = 15, 15, 15
3C) Side-Plank : 45 secs  -  40sec/42sec, 40 sec/45sec  40sec/45sec

# 1x warmup for Bb squat - 60kg @ 8 reps

Slipped intervals 

Ipod:  Green day  + JMC

This week

Feb. 20th, 2009 09:17 pm
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 Well for those that care - good Rugby tonight ;Hurricanes vs Highlanders - who would have guessed 17-17 @ 75 mins! ? wet ball game looks like its turning for the Canes - shouldn't really have been this close ..... Blues are in S.A not feeling good about that result.

Great news on Hockey front India are over for few weeks playing Blacksticks - hope to get to one of the games: Cricket tour starts next week as well .....

Hockey muster trials in a couple of weeks so not too much time for TV sports watching - probably won't stop me though.....

Been off track with Nutrition/wok hours/sleep etc this week - think some of it was me going into self destruct mode - don't ask me why I just do !!! - last weekend started to see the gradual benefits of recent weeks etc & saw have got that athletic body I want - can't ask much more a few weeks out from 40th B'day can you ???

So this week back on track - keep the focus & keep the faith that I do deserve this this - just gotta keep the love of work in balance with staying physically healthy & enjoying life ! - Keep it simple


Feb. 17th, 2009 08:11 pm
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Up nice & early - nutrition has been off a bit last few days - nothing to worry about too much - as am still getiing the workouts in:

This weeks plan is a B-B-A schedule ( A is easier to fit in the gym on the weekend) ... should check when I started this one , think might be due to start a new one soon.

Workout B - 2K5
Bodyweight warmup x2
1A) Prisioner squat 10 reps
1B) Elevated Push-Up 8 reps per side
1C)SB leg curl 10 reps

Warmup - superset
1A) Pull-ups : 8 Reps - Assisted 42kg 4, 4,
1B) DB chest press: 8 Reps 22.5kg/8 22.5kg/8

1A) Pull-ups : 8 Reps - Assisted 36kg 6, 6, 6
1B) DB chest press: 8 Reps 27.5kg/8, 27.5kg/8, 27.5kg/8,

2A) chinups or DB Row: 8 Reps - bodyweight - 6, 6, 6
2B) DB Incline chest press: 8 Reps 25kg/8, 25kg/8, 25kg/8,

3A) Inverted row: 15 Reps 15, 15, 15
3B) Decline pushups : 20 Reps = 20 , 20, 20

+ 15 mins Intervals- Bike 5 cycles: easy level :10 Hard level: 42-45

Ipod: Evanscence & oasis


Feb. 5th, 2009 09:26 pm
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Still decided to hit the gym this morning - just backed off a tad  - no need to aggravate asthma  - thew heat & aircon is dooing that by itself.
even with that was a good workout - friends birthday drinks tonight so  nutrition will be an off day.  can afford it though - checked the mirror this morning &  my stomach has almost gone  ie its almost flat - ( my non-factory standard hips will still be there though)  so all the hard work is worth it  !

Workout B - 2K5

Bodyweight warmup x2

1A) Prisioner squat 10 reps

1B)  Elevated Push-Up 8 reps per side

1C)SB leg curl 10 reps


Warmup - superset

1A) Pull-ups  : 8 Reps - Assisted 42kg  4, 4, 

1B) DB chest press: 8 Reps  22.5kg/8  22.5kg/8


1A) Pull-ups  : 8 Reps - Assisted 36kg  6, 6, 6

1B) DB chest press: 8 Reps 25kg/8, 25kg/8, 25kg/8,


2A) chinups or DB Row: 8 Reps  - bodyweight - 6, 6, 6

2B) DB Incline chest press: 8 Reps 25kg/8, 25kg/8, 25kg/8,


3A) Inverted row: 15 Reps  15, 15, 15  ( Note on SB)

3B) Decline pushups : 20 Reps =  20 (pike), 20, 20


+ 10 mins Moderate cardio on Bike 


Feb. 2nd, 2009 09:11 pm
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Nothing too much in way of exercise today:

 a) I was up late watching the cricket YAY!!  Blackcaps beat the Aussies!!  now if that can happen the Aussies  are in a worse state than I thought  ... poor things : & was up early  before 05 am to watch a real football  game  Liverpool/Chelski - good game .

b) was dam hot & the air con at work is getting worse not better .....  might have to sneak in a mini fan for my desk 

Nutrition took a bit of a hit today - couple of cokes &  1 planned snack - coffee meetings ( was avoiding my desk  as its still broken !)   - dam they had no zero coke !!!! next time I will remember my water bottle

 Not that bad though its another short week - Waitangi day  Friday  which comes with the bonus  of the NZ sevens  .....
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 After being more conscious of my diet this week & making sure didn't slip on weekend - it was worth it didn't have my usual sunday energy slump. A mate online asked me if my carbs were too low - in hindsight I think they were - I know from past experiences I tend to need a bit more carb & bit less protein than stock standard nutrtion guidleines suggest you shd have. Also Did a test thing Dax put out a few years back, which confirmed this .... Forgot to weigh myself or anything this morning- so unless I remember tomorrow will skip till next week. __________________________________________________________________
Workout A - 2K5 Bodyweight

warmup x2
1A) Prisioner squat 10 reps
1B) Elevated Push-Up 8 reps per side
1C)SB leg curl 12 reps

Warmup - superset
1A - BB Squat : 8 Reps - 60kg/8, 60kg/8
1B) DB chest press: 6 Reps 20kg/8 22.5kg/8

1A - BB Squat : 8 Reps 100kg/8, 100kg/8, 100kg/8
1B) DB chest press: 6 Reps 25kg/8, 27.5kg/8, 27.5kg/8 ** back up again***

2A) BB RDL: 8 Reps 60kg/8, 80kg/8, 80kg/8 ** used split grip on last one - this worked!**
2B) Spiderman pushup: 5 Reps per side 6/6, 6/6, 6/6 ** changed these up to decline**

3A) DB step-up: 10 Reps peer side ** Now BB** 30kg- 8/8, 40kg-8/8 50kg-8/8
3B) DB rear deltoid raise : 12 Reps 15kg/12, 15kg/12,15kg/12,
## step-ups were great shd have done this ages ago - probably a bit light but was just a trial

+ 20 mins Intervals on Bike - 6 cycles
hard-30 secs - easy 90 secs

warmup/cool-down : level 10
Easy: level 7-8
Hard: level 40
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Interesting week - had taken the week over the re-energise & planned to catch-up on my reading. While I haven't really caught up on my book reading ( I always seem to have a large pile of "to read books"). I have had the unexpected realisation that I have finally kicked this nutrition thing into touch.

Up until recently my nutrition has always taken a nose-dive on non-work days. BUT this week I managed surprisingly easily to keep on track including only having 2 reward snacks a week. I don't do the meals but save my rewards for snacks, normally a choc bar or something similar.

will be interesting when I get back to work next week, as while I have been away the team have shifted floors, so hopefully no probs with fridge room etc ( a constant battle in our workplace - the easy solution would be to buy bigger fridges - no that is far too easy!).

Could also have a rant about why men's trousers/pants have to be so dam narrow, while I have a reasonable amount of muscle i am not some big rugby lock or anything - seems fashion/clothing people don't understand what a fit healthy man is anymore .. sigh!

Got an email/twitter from <a href="">SPIDA</a> this week - about <a href="">virgin marathon running</a> - got me tempted again - had given up on this due to my achilles/tendon problems, while they will never disappear might just look at it again - if nothing else will help with the endurance stuff for upcoming Hockey ( Field/turf) season.

Beginning of this month I decided to create new habit of getting up early by 05:30 am on workdays & 07:30 am on non-work days. Well I have well & truly kicked this one. I could help myself a bit more by getting to bed by 10 p.m. as am getting a bit older so do need my 8 hours sleep!.

Next month will be to continue to be aware of the need to get to bed by decent time, am lucky in that I will never have children of my own so it really shouldn't be that hard to organise myself should it ???

Anyway this month will be to find 30 mins a day for meditation/reading a day - which in reality means less actual time online .... maybe. Well enough rambling - off day today - bought some good nutritious food a farmers markets - TT workout tommorow after watching the <a href="">football</a>
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any of the weighted split squats/bulgarians/lunges are out - due to badly healed broken toes - need to keep both feet flat ..... can do bodyweight only ones Current suggestions are for Box jumps or BB Step-ups both sound good substitutes - not sure if they are TT compliant though ... but box jumps sound fun ! okay I know I am a bit sick! Have taken a rest day today - as I have taken the week off so can recharge my batteries etc .... was thinking about my energy thing on the weekend - think my carb intake drops too low on the weekend - so will watch that this weekend & see what happens. Back to gym tomorrow morning - will be back to earlies Ie 05:30ish - which means I really should be in bed!


Jan. 19th, 2009 08:01 pm
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Nice early start .... nothing too much its only Monday!

Circuit x3 ( 30 sec rest between circuits) Prisoner squats - 20 reps Push-up - 20 reps Reverse lunges - 20 reps ( 10 per leg) Plank - 30 sec hold push-up close grip - 20 reps side plank 30 sec hold - per side X- body Mountain climber 20 reps ( 10 per side

Checked the scale this morning looked thru my blurry eyes to be 83.5kg - to be honest I am more interested in see my body fat drop than a number on the scale.  Have seen considerable difference  in how i fill out my clothes - so will take my lead there & just do the scale thing once a month ( maybe)......But will continue to log my food daily .

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Okay, this is the second time I have had problems with the weekend workout since starting the early workouts during the week ,,,,

Possible cuplrits:
Nutrition - only major difference from weekday today was the protein shakes removed - maybe am not replacing with enough cals or protein - but then if thats the case , the same would happen when doing an ESE fast workout,

Summer: & sleep -  possible could be heat & change to sleep habits  but  think that is a bit of a cop out

Workout timing:  with going to early am workout during the week - perhaps I need that with workouts on the weekend as well  - as I am still rising early so need to workout earlier than I am used to on the weekend -  or shift to a M-W-F system rather than the current  T-T-S
Now on the funny but not-so-funny subject of  Gyms & Resolutionists - when I got to the gym about 2pm was the only one there by time I Left it was full of cardio-confessionalists ... sadly one of them looked like the trainer the gym owner hooked me up next week for my  asessment (inc bodyfat testing)  If it was I will be taking anything  routine wise with a grain of salt.

I watched as he went  from  steady cardro running on the treadmill  to the SB area - abs from guessing - then back to the bike for more steady cardio.  ..... what to say ???

18 Jan

Workout A - 2K4

Bodyweight warmup x2

Forward lunges 6/6

Pushups - 10

stick-ups - 10


Warmup - superset

1A - DB Incline chest press : 22.5kg/10, 22.5kg/10

2A - DB Deltoid raise: 12.5kg/10, 12.5kg/10,


1A - DB Incline chest press : 22.5kg/12, 22.5kg/12, 22.5kg/12 ***

2A - DB Deltoid raise: 15kg/10, 15kg/10, 15kg/10,

**** strength just wasn’t there couldn’t get the 25’s up - left arm particularly


2A DB Row: 30kg-8/8, 30kg-8/8 30kg-8/8

2B DB Flat chest press: - 25kg/10, 25kg/10, 25kg/10 ****

after inclines just kept it at 25....


3A DB Tricep extensions: 12.5kg/10, 12.5kg/10, 12.5kg/10,

3B DB incline curl :17.5kg/8, 17.5kg/8, 17.5kg/8


20 mins Intervals on Bike - 6 cycles

40sec work

120 sec easy

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 Cut back last couple of days - just had lite days nothing too much . think I needed them Friday good improvement - had no fruit so wandered up to fruit/veg shop 20 mins up the road rather than weaken to vending machine/coffee shop. That said this week kept nutrition nice & strong - even on the weekend which is my bogey - weekend lunches seem to be problematic for some reason .... either way only 1-2 treats the whole week which makes me over 90% compliant. Sunday Mornings are scale days ( if at all) - will check to make sure things are on track tomorrow morning.

Interestingly I now see getting up @ 06:00am as sleeping in ..... interesting how easy it has been to change - brains/bodies are amazing things eh ?

For those interested in the cricket - great match last night finished after 11:00pm ( NZ time) - hence why I "slept in " this morning !


Jan. 11th, 2009 02:13 pm
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Okay, In hindsight I know better than to goto the gym around midday especially in summer  - but this  morning got away from me. ( but was still up early)  Once I had done the squat warmups I knew this was going to be a tough one - those ones where you just have to push yourself to get thru it  as the energy/strength was just not  there - rather than bailing - just sucked it up & gave the best based on my energy/strength

On Nutrition front one thing I have noticed since upping the calories - cravings or tendencies to go for crap food have almost totally disappeared.

Workout B - 2K4
Bodyweight warmup x2
Forward lunges 6/6
Pushups - 10
stick-ups - 10

Warmup - superset
1A - BB Squat : 60kg/8, 80kg/8  - 
2A - DB 1-arm standing press: 17.5kg- 8/8, 17.5kg- 8/8,

1A - BB Squat : 95kg/8, 95kg/8, 95kg/8 
2A - DB 1-arm standing press: 20kg- 8/8, 20kg- 8/8, 20kg- 8/8,

2A 1-leg squat/pistol: 8/8, 8/8 8/8
2B DB Step-ups: - 22.5kg- 8/8, 22.5kg- 8/8, 22.5kg- 8/8,

3A SB 1-leg curl: 8/8, 8/8 8/8,
3B Spiderman Climb : 11/11, 10/10 11/11

+ 20 mins Intervals on Bike - 6 cycles 
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 Had a great day today - went to the cricket  & we had covered /corporate seats - that is the way -  thankfully as the skies opened up  .....   Still Got to see Gupitl score a record 122 runs on Deput  so even though the rain opened up was worth it just to see that !!   See the ECB seem to be determined to self destruct -even though the Ashes were theirs for the taking with Pieterseon at the helm  .... shoudnt be surprised should I really!

Started really well  awake before 6.00 but dozed till 7:00  
On plan with breakie:  the normal berries & yoghurt + Burgen & honey  with tea later
                        Morning snack:  Protein shake   & zero coke later

Cricket: was always going to be hard - hence this was my treat  meals  ( ie x2) over 8 hours
*4 cokes over the whole time ( I think)  + several bottles water - full bodied coke no zero available
*couple of cookies + 1 pastry
*Noodle box( ?) with  beef/veg/rice ( so much better than chips etc)
* 2 mini donuts + a few crackers with cheese

Not too bad all things considered - not much exercise - bit of walking - maybe up/down in my seat counts as squats - Yeah right !

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 Okay things have improved & I am now hitting the 1800's in cals per day - which i think is better, as am not getting any sugar or crap food cravings.
Today was the first day I even thought about chocolate - for a chocoholic that is saying something ! - was weighing cheat meal - but am going to cricket tomorrow - catered/corp seats so will save it for then if i need it.
general meal plan:
05:15 am - water before i go the the gym
7:00 am - back home breakie - berries/apple & yoghurt + 1 slice burgen bread & honey
09:30-10:00 - Protein shake with milk or fruit & almonds
12:30 - Tuna/carrot/corn/beetroot + apple or chicken/egg/bertroot & salad sandwich + apple
3:00 Protein shake with milk or fruit & almonds
06:00 - just home snack edam cheese & 4 crackers
07:00 steak/chicken/fish & plate veges or Mushroom omelette + fruit & yoghurt ( sometimes nice quality icecream)
09:00 Tea & 2-3 gingernuts or fruit if i need something a bit more
additions -
zero coke - aircon is on the blink at work & this is helping me get thru the day - but its my one vice I don't think I want to drop this one.
Tea with milk - ussually 3-4 cups over the day
Water - am good here normally around 2-3 litres

Wherever you are if its winter - can you please send some snow this way .... my body just doesn't do heat well.


Jan. 8th, 2009 06:28 pm
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 Early rising - another early morning  crawled out of bed by  05:15 & out the door by 05:30 - was the first one @ the gym this morning - seems as the further into the week the less people around exercising  ..... or is that resolutionists realising its is hard work ...... aahh but the results are worth it .
Nutrition -  during the day am good  & even dinner & after work snacks  - just gotta work on that after 8pm food - reckon that shd be next weeks thing.
Workout A - 2K4
Another good one  - lifted some weights here   ......
Bodyweight warmup x2
Forward lunges 6/6
Pushups - 10
stick-ups - 10

Warmup - superset
1A - DB Incline chest press : 20kg/10, 22.5kg/10
2A - DB Deltoid raise: 10kg/10, 10kg/10,

1A - DB Incline chest press : 25kg/10, 25kg/10, 25kg/10
2A - DB Deltoid raise: 15kg/10, 15kg/10, 15kg/10,

2A DB Row: 30kg-8/8, 30kg-8/8 30kg-8/8
2B DB Flat chest press: - 27.5kg/8, 27.5kg/10, 27.5kg/10

3A DB Tricep extensions: 12.5kg/10, 12.5kg/10, 12.5kg/10,
3B DB incline curl :17.5kg/8, 17.5kg/8, 17.5kg/10

+ bike intervals - 6 cycles


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