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Okay, my legs were a bit sore, no thats not the word, you know ... but by this evening was good , had spent a bit of the day de-cluttering files & stuff on the mac (making good use of it being the last work day at home boo hoo !).

#6/260- Tonights workout - LITs: 9 cycles
Easy 3/10
Working: 9/10
Did them on the bike as normal

But after 4 cycles I was bored out of my brain & could not continue ..... so decided to do some thing else:

skipping tabatas X3
20 sec work - 10 sec rest & repeat 8 times - 1 min rest between exercises

all this begs the question, am back to that age old problem what is a good replacement for bike/treadmill/rowing machine as I seem to have a very low tolerance for them .. which is not a bad thing except when you are meant to be doing intense intervals ! :)

so while skipping gives you a good sweat am thinking its not a replacement ??? would KB swings 30 sec on/30 sec off then build up work ? open to ideas .....
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Just back from the gym sorta well needed to eat first .....

#3/260- Tonights workout - LITs: 9 cycles
Easy 3/10
Working: 9/10
Did them on the bike as normal

#was going to cut back as my knee was still sore started yesterday, will make tomorrow an off day to make sure it gets a rest

For the bookfiends out there found a new  book site -  "Librarything"  I have started keeping my collection  but will take awhile to get all my books in there:

on that subject if you are into cyberpunk/singularity Glasshouse by Charles Stross is a must read! 


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