Jan. 16th, 2010 06:37 pm
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I must be mad in this weather/heat but here is todays stuff ....

#9/260 - Bodyweight Advanced - rounds in 20 mins : 4.5 rounds

10 Pylo Split squats - subbed side jumps over object
50 skips (rope)
10 Burpees
50 skips (rope)
10 pushups
50 skips (rope)
10 Jump squats
50 skips (rope)

if that was not enough - finished off with 10 mins on the bike


Jan. 12th, 2010 08:26 pm
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Bodyweight-complexes - Advanced: ( 6 sets - 30 sec rest between):
8 Pylo split squats - subbed with Reverse lunges ( 8/8)
8 Jump squats
8 Explosive pushups or Decline Spiderman pushups ( bench) 8/8
8 Burpees
30 sec plank hold

Short rest then:
Rope-skipping 6 sets - 30 secs between:
Skipping 60 secs

Finish with 10 mins bike

Nutrition without standard lunch is working a treat & am not bingeing as could be the case - feels like its working by my jeans as well - Tanita scales have still not arrived just got an email stating they will be in stock Thursday - Well why the ##@ didn't you post that on your website ??? hmm ?? yes of course because I would have gone elsewhere ..... nevermind another few days won't hurt in the grand scheme of things

Plan of taking my breaks & reading well hasn't quite worked out - but am getting plenty of reading on the bus/home - but really do need to start to take my breaks .

Now I think I have lost my cell phone ... bugger just when I have convinced myself an IPhone is not essential!!

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Pulse pyramid:Bodyweight - Intermediate/advanced - # duration 30 secs

Reverse lunge, Rest
Reverse lunge, Squat jumpt, rest
Reverse lunge, Squat jump, Burpees, rest
Reverse lunge, Squat jump, Burpees, pushups, rest
Reverse lunge, Squat jump, Burpees, pushups,skip rope, rest
Squat jump, Burpees, pushups,skip rope, rest
Burpees, pushups,skip rope, rest
pushups,skip rope, rest
skip rope, rest

+15 mins bike

Stepped things up a notch, and moved to advanced workouts, its all about attitude ...... mind you my quads won't like me tomorrow

Had a think about yesterday & the intervals, realised its important to keep your head on the 'end game', yes intervals are boring but its 2 x30 mins a week, when you think there is 168 hours a week kinda puts 1 hour into perspective! Whats the end goal when you look at the advanced stuff in "intense conditioning" stuff like 1-arm pushups, jump pull-ups etal,
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Okay, my legs were a bit sore, no thats not the word, you know ... but by this evening was good , had spent a bit of the day de-cluttering files & stuff on the mac (making good use of it being the last work day at home boo hoo !).

#6/260- Tonights workout - LITs: 9 cycles
Easy 3/10
Working: 9/10
Did them on the bike as normal

But after 4 cycles I was bored out of my brain & could not continue ..... so decided to do some thing else:

skipping tabatas X3
20 sec work - 10 sec rest & repeat 8 times - 1 min rest between exercises

all this begs the question, am back to that age old problem what is a good replacement for bike/treadmill/rowing machine as I seem to have a very low tolerance for them .. which is not a bad thing except when you are meant to be doing intense intervals ! :)

so while skipping gives you a good sweat am thinking its not a replacement ??? would KB swings 30 sec on/30 sec off then build up work ? open to ideas .....
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Just back from the gym sorta well needed to eat first .....

#3/260- Tonights workout - LITs: 9 cycles
Easy 3/10
Working: 9/10
Did them on the bike as normal

#was going to cut back as my knee was still sore started yesterday, will make tomorrow an off day to make sure it gets a rest

For the bookfiends out there found a new  book site -  "Librarything"  I have started keeping my collection  but will take awhile to get all my books in there:

on that subject if you are into cyberpunk/singularity Glasshouse by Charles Stross is a must read! 


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