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Yeah I know I have said i am not playing Hockey this season .... but got tempted :)

Opening day festival for my old team was just 10 mins down the road - same pitch we train at - so couldn't help myself. Went out for a ride on the bike & dropped in to watch the game & wouldn't you know it they only had 1 sub (you really do need 3) & then none for the last game. it was not so subtly hinted at that I shd play a game or 2.

This would mean riding up the hill I had a mental barrier over on my bike as well - Well did that great guns not only rode but sprinted up the hill in reasonably heavy traffic as well .. YAY!!

Played the game & had fun - team are definitely seeing the results from actual having real training/coaching this year - perhaps I shd have stayed on ? - but then my ankle & achilles are a tad sore & prob in need of ice so maybe not - will have to drop off the shirt I used @ training this week anyway.

Still want to get a workout this afternoon/evening as weather is going to be pear-shaped rest of the week apparently ( read this as storms).

oh yeah anyone else here on Twitter ??


Mar. 8th, 2009 08:49 pm
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Been offline most of the weekend - got enthralled in a couple of books :) last week was a bad one - not sure what happened there - happened last year when Hockey started - gotta find a way to balance TT & Hockey. ... well for now lets see how many seasons I can do this especially if I am going to play on the wing again.

Early morning today - some hill walking

+ TT hard similar stuff to last week - but was harder to push out - nutrition has not been great this weekend - still good

Workout A - 2K6 - Week 2 (06:00pm ish)
Bodyweight warmup x2
1A) bodyweight squat 10 reps
1B) close-grip Push-Up 10 reps
1C)SB leg curl 12 reps

Warmup - superset
1A) DB incline press : 6 Reps - 22.5kg/6 22.5kg/6,
1B) DB Row: 6 Reps 25kg-6/6, 25kg-6/6

1A) DB incline press : 6 Reps - 27.5kg/6 27.5kg/6, 27.5kg/6,
1B) DB Row: 6 Reps 32.5kg-4/4, 30kg-6/6 , 30kg-6/6

2A) chinups: 8 Reps - bodyweight -8, 7+1, 7+1,
2B) DB chest press: 8 Reps 27.5kg/8, 27.5kg/8, 27.5kg/8,

3A) Close-grip pushups : 25 Reps 25, 25, 25
3B) DB Rear Delt raise : 10 Reps = 15kg/10, 15kg/10, 15kg/10,

+ 20min Bike - Mod intensity - endurance
4 mins - level 20
1 min - level 8
& repeat

Ipod: Jesus mary chain - really need to find time to update my workout Ipod

This week

Feb. 20th, 2009 09:17 pm
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 Well for those that care - good Rugby tonight ;Hurricanes vs Highlanders - who would have guessed 17-17 @ 75 mins! ? wet ball game looks like its turning for the Canes - shouldn't really have been this close ..... Blues are in S.A not feeling good about that result.

Great news on Hockey front India are over for few weeks playing Blacksticks - hope to get to one of the games: Cricket tour starts next week as well .....

Hockey muster trials in a couple of weeks so not too much time for TV sports watching - probably won't stop me though.....

Been off track with Nutrition/wok hours/sleep etc this week - think some of it was me going into self destruct mode - don't ask me why I just do !!! - last weekend started to see the gradual benefits of recent weeks etc & saw have got that athletic body I want - can't ask much more a few weeks out from 40th B'day can you ???

So this week back on track - keep the focus & keep the faith that I do deserve this this - just gotta keep the love of work in balance with staying physically healthy & enjoying life ! - Keep it simple


Jan. 30th, 2009 01:09 pm
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Last really free day before I go back to work on Monday - so  had a sleep in - well was up late watching the tennis - until the result became obvious!!!  

Nothing too much today -  started my cardio endurance for  Hockey  - should really have started but been slacking!!!

20- odd min on tread mill  3-5min jog (level 10.5)  1 min walk ( level 4.4)   & repeat  .....
20 min on bike  4 mins  easy  - 26 mins moderate  ( level 15-20)
Thoughts: definitely needs improvement  so will be a once a week thing from now on.

Off now to buy some new work pants - really do need loose fit ones, my quads are too big for normal fits ( been avoiding this for awhile I hate shopping!!!)

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another bodyweight circuit tonight - not too heavy plan to go to the gym tomorrow & do a 2K3 workout.

on skeleton staff for the next few weeks now at work - the silly season is truly here.... that said work did a good thing put up the corporate tickets ( sets of 4) for cricket one dayer ( 10th Jan) had to bid all $$ going to Starship (Kids hospital) --- & I won one set!!! so a win-win situation.

nice reality check to keep me on track over silly season, got the email about next hockey season dates - muster date is 5 March so need to be lean & fit by then! so that shd motivate if nothing - at least I not playing prems - they are mustering in Feb - will be still dam hot then!

mobility circuit ( great if you sit at a desk all day) x3
Overhead squat ( holding hockey stick - there is a use in the off-season) 15 reps
Sumo squat 15 reps
Diagonal lunge 12 reps per side
Spiderman climb 8 reps per side
Prisioner forward lunge ( 2 sec stretch at bottom) 8 reps per side
Spiderman pushup -- reps per side
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last official Hockey game of the season today - could be a relegation game still - not sure - was a draw went to a stroke off - 2 rounds ( was still a drew after first round!).

On the good news front got myself a goal today - was the best goal of the game :))

That said can get back on track with gym stuff as don't think will be playing summer hockey - its like trying to herd cats with these guys - short of a water cannon nothing is going to happen ...

Will be doing workout C ( TT Meatheads) tomorrow - though will probably swap reverse lunges DB step-ups (still have the problem with fractured/broken toes).

Today plan to make the most of the sun outside
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Wednesday was active rest day - nothing too much - nutrition was improved almost felt back to normal again.

Thursday - small slip on the nutrition - small muffin today - but since hockey tonight nothing to worry about.

Last week of the season - proper - got early had a bit of a run about - about to start training for real & BAM - the lights go out !! - The only person with a key has well gone - really wanted a good run around as well - so Bugger is the only word ! :(



Aug. 12th, 2008 08:16 pm
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Great result last night Black Sticks 3-1 win over Korea - great start now lets hope that can win against spain.

Hayden Shaw was back on song - that drag flick of his is amazing ..... Great commitment from Hopping to come back on after taking a stick on the head ( now thats what great defenders are made off.

match details -

Good tables results here - only place I can find with decent & easy to use info:
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done well today - had that fruit thing going on - got me thinking its more a chocolate thing than sugar - next few days will tell for sure.

now if only they would sell the quality chocolate in small bars - I just won't buy the large ones because i will eat it all ......

played 'netball' tonight - still think its an incredibly frustrating stupid sport ..... even though its fast paced I switch off half-way thru from boredom it was a effort to keep with it the whole game .... well at least I was active

plan to try & get some gym stuff in this week as well ..... but for tonight roll on the Hockey - 1st Olympic game for the Black sticks tonight .... no that's not me in the photo!!!!! but it is how I like to play ( well one day again) play hard!

Great to see the NZ rowing team doing dam well - could be a good year again there ......
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well Nutrition has improved greatly this week - still a bit too much chocolate so have made a deal with my elf to drink Coke-zero when I need that hit this week - to get off the direct sugar then slowly but surely get myself of f this sugar hits.

not much structured or gym-based exercise this week - but plenty of walking & being active when i could fit it in .... stupid work hours will continue till about mid September then i shd get my life back !!!

That said still managed to find time for Hockey today - a good physical game as it always is against AISC - even more so because they needed a good win to be in the top 4 for the second-half season split. .... so we managed to do it we were up 1-0 till about 5-10 mins from the end when they came back - finished at 1-1 ... so great result when theroretically we shd have been thrashed.

see table here - if it works:
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Sorry been slack last few days posting here - been keeping active just not n the gym.

last game for work-based sports league - must win game we have a 2 points lead at top of the table - BUT the game is worth 4 points ....... he BUT it would be netball not my idea of fun - but will play for the team :)

still Hockey Sunday as well 1:00pm game & its just 5 mins down the road .....

Oh yeah here is a great link on how to pistol squats :


Aug. 2nd, 2008 12:00 pm
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Had hockey training Thursday - by some miracle the rain cleared for the hour or so we were training ..... so had a good run - was feeling rather lethargic partly due to hours been working this week - ( implementation of a multi-million dollar customer on fast track - thanks to the sales team :)) ) but also my nutrition has slipped too much chocolate & processed food has creeped in.

anyhow a good interval on the bike will do the trick before hockey tomorrow to lift the energy back up. so this is what I will do this afternoon .....

Interval -

Minute by Minute - Type - Intensity Level
1 - Warm up - 3 out of 10
2 - Warm up - 4 out of 10
3 - Warm up - 4 out of 10
4 - Warm up - 5 out of 10
5 - Warm up - 3 out of 10
6 - Hard - 8 out of 10
7- Easy- 3 out of 10
8- Hard - 8 out of 10
9- Easy- 3 out of 10
10- Hard - 8 out of 10
11 - Easy -3 out of 10
12 - Hard - 8 out of 10
13 - Easy -3 out of 10
14-Hard -8 out of 10
15 -Easy- 3 out of 10
16 - Hard- 8 out of 10
17 -Cool Down- 3 out of 10
18- Cool Down- 3 out of 10
19 -Cool Down- 3 out of 10
20- Cool Down -3 out of 10
20 minutes total


Jul. 27th, 2008 03:25 pm
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Last couple of days have been a bit hairy with the wither bomb which has hit Auckland
see here for bit more info:

Even so did some bodyweight circuit yesterday - & braved the horizontal rain/wind for some bare essentials.

While the weather bomb has continued - Hockey was not cancelled today - so in the madness of the rain & wind we WON! 3-0 I think was the final score.

on a annoyance level lost power last night about 8.00pm - got returned in the early hours of the morning so missed the Rugby ......

Now I have going to go & warm myself up from the wind chill factor with hot soup


Jul. 20th, 2008 08:41 pm
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Today's workout stuff:
Morning: - Bike cardio moderate-hard 15 mins + 15 mins of DB swings (17.5kg) 15-20 reps 30secs rest.

Was really fun to see the annoyance of the Sunday morning crowd going from weight machine to weight machine .... especially once they saw - I was out of the gym area in 30 mins!!!

05:30pm Hockey game - now theorectically we should have been overrun ( they are a 2nd on the points table we are 7th) But we held our own we were even winning at half time - just lost out in the last 5 mins - fitness killing us again.

Had a good game myself - just a bit sore from the 'rugby-like' tackles ......anyway have indoor hockey for work sports league tomorrow night
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Nothing major tonight - just Hockey training - generally means I spent over a hour running round after a white ball ......

team had a great run out tonight - lets hope we can take it into the match this weekend - playing top of the table!


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