Mar. 28th, 2009 07:29 pm
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Great day today - spent a lot of the day watching cricket, while I am a big believer of the world not ending if you miss TV. Today was not one of those days NZ making India Follow on in their backyard - not likely to see that again !!! for those who care see here:

as a result while I ate healthy probably didn't eat enough .... which showed in the workout where my mind & my left bicep had disagreement of wht was going to happen today. ie my mind was okay get up there & stop F*** around whereas Bicpe was Nah! I don't think so ! ....

Needless to say what is really going on the weakness in my left bicp just shows up more when energy levels are down - & i think I need to do some 1-arm bicep work there to get it up to the same level as my right.


Workout A - 2K6 - (06:00pm ish)
Bodyweight warmup x2
1A) bodyweight squat 10 reps
1B) close-grip Push-Up 10 reps
1C)SB leg curl 12 reps

Warmup - superset
1A) DB incline press : 6 Reps - 22.5kg/6 22.5kg/6,
1B) DB Row: 6 Reps 25kg-6/6, 25kg-6/6

1A) DB incline press : 6 Reps - 27.5kg/6 27.5kg/6, 27.5kg/6,
1B) DB Row: 6 Reps 32.5kg-6/6, 32.5kg-6/6, 32.5kg-6/5,
** Nice increase on the rows
** DB press moved to flat press

2A) chinups: 8 Reps - bodyweight - 10, 9, 9,
2B) DB chest press: 8 Reps 27.5kg/8, 27.5kg/8, 27.5kg/8,

3A) Close-grip pushups : 25 Reps 30, 30, 32
3B) DB Rear Delt raise : 10 Reps = 17.5kg/10, 17.5kg/10, 17.5kg/10,

No intervals going for a ride tomorrow Hills & flats
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On the good news front that bug is wimpering away in the corner soon to disappear ....

Based on this : think tomorrow will be a good day to read that Protein book Brad has just put out ....

Anyhow gotta go Cricket match is getting good

This week

Feb. 20th, 2009 09:17 pm
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 Well for those that care - good Rugby tonight ;Hurricanes vs Highlanders - who would have guessed 17-17 @ 75 mins! ? wet ball game looks like its turning for the Canes - shouldn't really have been this close ..... Blues are in S.A not feeling good about that result.

Great news on Hockey front India are over for few weeks playing Blacksticks - hope to get to one of the games: Cricket tour starts next week as well .....

Hockey muster trials in a couple of weeks so not too much time for TV sports watching - probably won't stop me though.....

Been off track with Nutrition/wok hours/sleep etc this week - think some of it was me going into self destruct mode - don't ask me why I just do !!! - last weekend started to see the gradual benefits of recent weeks etc & saw have got that athletic body I want - can't ask much more a few weeks out from 40th B'day can you ???

So this week back on track - keep the focus & keep the faith that I do deserve this this - just gotta keep the love of work in balance with staying physically healthy & enjoying life ! - Keep it simple

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Up early , great to see Blackcaps only lost by 32 runs last night- so we are still in to win in Aus & the Hadlee-Chappell Trophy Aus still have not reclaimed that killer instinct they are known for & we slipped a bit in field last night - lets hope they can finish it off Tuesday & we haven't given them too much of a sniff to comeback
Core Strengthening/BW Cardio Circuit Challenge - 06 Feb challenge 
a. Squat Jumps x 6 reps
b. Mountain Climbers (fast) x 15 reps/side
c. Burpees with Jump (no push up) x 10 reps
d. Regular Plank Hold x 30 seconds
e. Squat Jumps x 6 reps
f. Crossbody Mountain Climbers x 15 reps/side
g. Jumping Jacks x 60 reps
h. Bicycle crunches x 30 reps/side
i. Alternating Reverse Lunges x 10 reps/side
#Note only did one circuit - then 2 circuits of an old favourite more my thing

Circuit #2 (115 reps)
V-Squat (15)
- Decline Pushup (15)
- Reverse Lunge (15 per side)
- X-body Mountain Climber (10 per side)
- 1-Leg RDL (10 per side)
- Pushup (15)  


Feb. 8th, 2009 11:48 am
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Got up early this morning in part for the football BUT also as its forecast to be 30-40C over most of the country today - with Auckland humidity that will be a killer - was 24C & over 80% humidity when i went to the gym   .... Still got a great if very sweaty workout in  -  nice cloud cover which now seems to be disappearing - its going to be a HOT one !

Perfect day to lounge in front of the TV in the afternoon watching cricket - 4pm start by then that's all I will want to do :) 

NZ sevens was great - ENG won - but you have to admire the brute strength of Forbes playing on a fracture in the lower leg ( I kid you not) see here for more details of the game 

Workout A - 2K5 Bodyweight 

warmup x2
1A) Prisioner squat 10 reps 
1B) Elevated Push-Up 8 reps per side  (used med-ball)
1C)SB leg curl 12 reps 

Warmup - superset 
1A - BB Squat : 8 Reps - 60kg/8, 60kg/8 
1B) DB chest press: 6 Reps 22.5kg/8 22.5kg/8

1A - BB Squat : 8 Reps 100kg/8, 100kg/8, 100kg/8 
1B) DB chest press: 6 Reps 27.5kg/8, 27.5kg/8, 27.5kg/8 ** back up again*** 

2A) BB RDL: 8 Reps 60kg/8, 80kg/8, 80kg/8 ** used split grip on last two - this worked** 
2B) Spiderman pushup: 5 Reps per side 6/6, 6/6, 6/6 ** changed these up to decline** 

3A) DB step-up: 10 Reps peer side ** Now BB** 50kg- 8/8, 60kg-8/8 60kg-8/8 
3B) DB rear deltoid raise : 12 Reps 15kg/12, 15kg/12,15kg/12,

+ 20 mins Intervals on Bike - 6 cycles 
hard-30 secs - easy 90 secs 

warmup/cool-down : level 10 
Easy: level 7-8 
Hard: level 40-43


Feb. 2nd, 2009 09:11 pm
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Nothing too much in way of exercise today:

 a) I was up late watching the cricket YAY!!  Blackcaps beat the Aussies!!  now if that can happen the Aussies  are in a worse state than I thought  ... poor things : & was up early  before 05 am to watch a real football  game  Liverpool/Chelski - good game .

b) was dam hot & the air con at work is getting worse not better .....  might have to sneak in a mini fan for my desk 

Nutrition took a bit of a hit today - couple of cokes &  1 planned snack - coffee meetings ( was avoiding my desk  as its still broken !)   - dam they had no zero coke !!!! next time I will remember my water bottle

 Not that bad though its another short week - Waitangi day  Friday  which comes with the bonus  of the NZ sevens  .....


Jan. 27th, 2009 10:33 am
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non-work day, so let my self sleep till 07:00 ish - stayed up watching the cricket last night - SA absolutely thrashed Aussies & on Australia day !!!!!

my upper back etc was still a bit tight - so maybe the circuit yesterday wasn't a great idea ??? Anyhow a good solid workout was had - hardly anyone in the gym got there just before 08:00.

Need a good swap-out for DB step-ups - reaaally bored with these so need to swap them out for a couple of weeks - any idea that don't involve lunges/split squats let me know !!
Workout A - 2K5
Bodyweight warmup x2
1A) Prisioner squat 10 reps
1B) Elevated Push-Up 8 reps per side
1C)SB leg curl 12 reps

Warmup - superset
1A - BB Squat : 8 Reps - 60kg/8, 60kg/8
1B) DB chest press: 6 Reps 20kg/8 22.5kg/8

1A - BB Squat : 8 Reps 100kg/8, 100kg/8, 100kg/8
1B) DB chest press: 6 Reps 25kg/8, 25kg/8, 25kg/8

2A) BB RDL: 8 Reps 60kg/8, 80kg/8, 80kg/8
2B) Spiderman pushup: 5 Reps per side 6/6, 6/6, 6/6 * need to up the reps
** struggled on last RDL with grip a bit

3A) DB step-up: 10 Reps peer side ## subbed 1-leg SB curl 8/8 8/8 8/8
3B) DB rear deltoid raise : 12 Reps 15kg/12, 15kg/12,15kg/12,
## need a rest with Step-ups - I am reeeaaallyy bored with them

+ 20 mins Intervals on Bike - 6 cycle 
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Hmmm very good/bad planning on my part depending on your view. I spent the afternoon writing up my next programme plan "2K6". Now just logged on TT Members & seen Feb 09 programme which looks tough but defnitely my type of thing - temptation really is a swear word!!!

Today is also a month since I took my last photos - so in keeping with my deal by not being scale focussed I was going to take photos monthly - have done & they are here:

# these are not great photos - used photo booth on my Mac :)

Going to do some bodyweight stuff tonight once its cooled down - while watching the cricked on TV! see Aussies are down 2 already YAY !!!! 
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 Cut back last couple of days - just had lite days nothing too much . think I needed them Friday good improvement - had no fruit so wandered up to fruit/veg shop 20 mins up the road rather than weaken to vending machine/coffee shop. That said this week kept nutrition nice & strong - even on the weekend which is my bogey - weekend lunches seem to be problematic for some reason .... either way only 1-2 treats the whole week which makes me over 90% compliant. Sunday Mornings are scale days ( if at all) - will check to make sure things are on track tomorrow morning.

Interestingly I now see getting up @ 06:00am as sleeping in ..... interesting how easy it has been to change - brains/bodies are amazing things eh ?

For those interested in the cricket - great match last night finished after 11:00pm ( NZ time) - hence why I "slept in " this morning !

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 Had a great day today - went to the cricket  & we had covered /corporate seats - that is the way -  thankfully as the skies opened up  .....   Still Got to see Gupitl score a record 122 runs on Deput  so even though the rain opened up was worth it just to see that !!   See the ECB seem to be determined to self destruct -even though the Ashes were theirs for the taking with Pieterseon at the helm  .... shoudnt be surprised should I really!

Started really well  awake before 6.00 but dozed till 7:00  
On plan with breakie:  the normal berries & yoghurt + Burgen & honey  with tea later
                        Morning snack:  Protein shake   & zero coke later

Cricket: was always going to be hard - hence this was my treat  meals  ( ie x2) over 8 hours
*4 cokes over the whole time ( I think)  + several bottles water - full bodied coke no zero available
*couple of cookies + 1 pastry
*Noodle box( ?) with  beef/veg/rice ( so much better than chips etc)
* 2 mini donuts + a few crackers with cheese

Not too bad all things considered - not much exercise - bit of walking - maybe up/down in my seat counts as squats - Yeah right !


Dec. 30th, 2008 08:22 pm
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New Habit for the next 30 days: To get up earlier so i can start going to the gym in early am ( but not till after the 'resolutionaries' rush ie Feb 09).

Nutrition still a bit crap - going to start logging in CalorieKing again - starting tomorrow

Off- day - so Bodyweight circuit tonight

Great to see Aussies get done over in the cricket by South Africa today - even better if the blackcaps learnt something from this ie developed a backbone ... hmmm miracles like that don't happen though.
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another bodyweight circuit tonight - not too heavy plan to go to the gym tomorrow & do a 2K3 workout.

on skeleton staff for the next few weeks now at work - the silly season is truly here.... that said work did a good thing put up the corporate tickets ( sets of 4) for cricket one dayer ( 10th Jan) had to bid all $$ going to Starship (Kids hospital) --- & I won one set!!! so a win-win situation.

nice reality check to keep me on track over silly season, got the email about next hockey season dates - muster date is 5 March so need to be lean & fit by then! so that shd motivate if nothing - at least I not playing prems - they are mustering in Feb - will be still dam hot then!

mobility circuit ( great if you sit at a desk all day) x3
Overhead squat ( holding hockey stick - there is a use in the off-season) 15 reps
Sumo squat 15 reps
Diagonal lunge 12 reps per side
Spiderman climb 8 reps per side
Prisioner forward lunge ( 2 sec stretch at bottom) 8 reps per side
Spiderman pushup -- reps per side
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Missed gym workout last night - long hours by the time I got home was absolutely exhausted too tired to even switch on my mac  never mind go to the gym .....

going to do some bodyweight stuff @ home tonight -  well once the cricket has finished :))  see must be summer ????


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