Jan. 16th, 2010 06:37 pm
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I must be mad in this weather/heat but here is todays stuff ....

#9/260 - Bodyweight Advanced - rounds in 20 mins : 4.5 rounds

10 Pylo Split squats - subbed side jumps over object
50 skips (rope)
10 Burpees
50 skips (rope)
10 pushups
50 skips (rope)
10 Jump squats
50 skips (rope)

if that was not enough - finished off with 10 mins on the bike


Jan. 12th, 2010 08:26 pm
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Bodyweight-complexes - Advanced: ( 6 sets - 30 sec rest between):
8 Pylo split squats - subbed with Reverse lunges ( 8/8)
8 Jump squats
8 Explosive pushups or Decline Spiderman pushups ( bench) 8/8
8 Burpees
30 sec plank hold

Short rest then:
Rope-skipping 6 sets - 30 secs between:
Skipping 60 secs

Finish with 10 mins bike

Nutrition without standard lunch is working a treat & am not bingeing as could be the case - feels like its working by my jeans as well - Tanita scales have still not arrived just got an email stating they will be in stock Thursday - Well why the ##@ didn't you post that on your website ??? hmm ?? yes of course because I would have gone elsewhere ..... nevermind another few days won't hurt in the grand scheme of things

Plan of taking my breaks & reading well hasn't quite worked out - but am getting plenty of reading on the bus/home - but really do need to start to take my breaks .

Now I think I have lost my cell phone ... bugger just when I have convinced myself an IPhone is not essential!!

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Pulse pyramid:Bodyweight - Intermediate/advanced - # duration 30 secs

Reverse lunge, Rest
Reverse lunge, Squat jumpt, rest
Reverse lunge, Squat jump, Burpees, rest
Reverse lunge, Squat jump, Burpees, pushups, rest
Reverse lunge, Squat jump, Burpees, pushups,skip rope, rest
Squat jump, Burpees, pushups,skip rope, rest
Burpees, pushups,skip rope, rest
pushups,skip rope, rest
skip rope, rest

+15 mins bike

Stepped things up a notch, and moved to advanced workouts, its all about attitude ...... mind you my quads won't like me tomorrow

Had a think about yesterday & the intervals, realised its important to keep your head on the 'end game', yes intervals are boring but its 2 x30 mins a week, when you think there is 168 hours a week kinda puts 1 hour into perspective! Whats the end goal when you look at the advanced stuff in "intense conditioning" stuff like 1-arm pushups, jump pull-ups etal,
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Up early , great to see Blackcaps only lost by 32 runs last night- so we are still in to win in Aus & the Hadlee-Chappell Trophy Aus still have not reclaimed that killer instinct they are known for & we slipped a bit in field last night - lets hope they can finish it off Tuesday & we haven't given them too much of a sniff to comeback
Core Strengthening/BW Cardio Circuit Challenge - 06 Feb challenge 
a. Squat Jumps x 6 reps
b. Mountain Climbers (fast) x 15 reps/side
c. Burpees with Jump (no push up) x 10 reps
d. Regular Plank Hold x 30 seconds
e. Squat Jumps x 6 reps
f. Crossbody Mountain Climbers x 15 reps/side
g. Jumping Jacks x 60 reps
h. Bicycle crunches x 30 reps/side
i. Alternating Reverse Lunges x 10 reps/side
#Note only did one circuit - then 2 circuits of an old favourite more my thing

Circuit #2 (115 reps)
V-Squat (15)
- Decline Pushup (15)
- Reverse Lunge (15 per side)
- X-body Mountain Climber (10 per side)
- 1-Leg RDL (10 per side)
- Pushup (15)  
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Liked the e-mail today on Grains - makes you think - am trying to reduce grains/pasta from my diet. don't think they will ever go completely but am more aware of them now .

also helps add more daily veg in my diet - new goal to try & eat veg in most/every meal - that will be a challenge for me - so any brilliant ideas welcome.

Normal walking am/pm +40mins + bodyweight circuit - should have been gym workout but worked late ( trying to get everything up to date before i have next week off yay!!!)

Here it is - an oldie _ Craig might even remember it :

Go thru circuit up 5 times - rest 1 min between circuit

Overhead Squat 15 reps
Sumo squat 15 reps
Diagonal lunge 12 reps per side
Spiderman climb 8 reps per side
Prisioner Forward lunge 8 reps per side
Spiderman pushup 8 reps per sid
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5 circuits - 1 min rest between circuits

overhead squat ( hold hockey stick) 15 reps
sumo squat - 15 reps
diagonal lunges - 12 reps per side
Spiderman climb 8 reps per side
prisioner forward lunge 8 reps per side
Spiderman push-up 8 reps per side

Good sweat! no need for gym tonight


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