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One I intend to try someday soon - anyone keen ?????

The Gauntlet

Sometimes it's not good enough to "do" a BW Cardio workout....this one must be defeated to actually win. Keep track of your time, stay intense, ignor any stares, rest if you have to, but keep moving forward.

Part I: No Treats

1. Stepups with Cross Crawl (a normal CC, but it's done after you've stepped up) - 10 Reps per side

2. Inverted Rows - 15 Reps

3. Running in Place (High Knee Stepping) - 50 Steps per side

4. Bicycle Crunches - 50 per side

5. Decline Pushups - 20 Reps

6. Spiderman Climb - 15 Reps per side

7. Squat Thrusts (burpees w/out standing up. Pushup position, bring knees up to chest, push back out...1 rep) - 10 Reps

8. Prisoner Squats - 20 Reps

Run Through Part I of the Gauntlet 3 times (if you can). My math only gives a total of 595 reps (eg. Running in Place only gives you 50 total reps). 

Part II: The Four Horsemen

1. Pull-ups - 15 Reps
2. Push-up Burpees - 10 Reps
3. Single Leg Squats - 10/side
4. Decline/Incline Push-ups - 10/side *feet on bench, one hand on DB/small medicine ball

Allowable substitutions for the above...Assisted Pull-ups, Single Leg Squats using a bench as an aid, knees on bench while doing pushups of any kind.

Run Through Part II of the Gauntlet 1 time. My math gives a total of 65 Reps.

Part III: Finish The Gauntlet....If You Can

Run Forest Run: 1 mile...jog, walk, dance, or do the Samba, but complete the mile.

* I converted the mile to kilometers....1 mile = 1.609344 kilometers (you can google just about anything)

Total time is the only thing that matters
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