Dec. 31st, 2008

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Now this was a good final workout for the year

always been a bit more conservative on lifting weights with squats/deadlifts they are one excercise you don't want to let your ego talk you into something - form is everything.

That said broke that 100kg mindset on the squat - funny thing is I could do more !! ( yes they were to parallel) 

improved on pistols so both legs are now doing pistols instead of squats - just need to work on keeping that foot planted & levering on my toes!

was up early today - for a non work day - good first start.

had a chat with the owner of the gym - was getting complemented on how I actually do a 'real workout' rather than play at it etc ..... they are not busy at all in the early morning so reckon that shift might be the thing to do

Also got sent this  powerful link : Here

Workout B - 2K4
Bodyweight warmup x2
Forward lunges 6/6
Pushups - 10
stick-ups - 10

Warmup - superset
1A - BB Squat : 60kg/8, 60kg/8
2A - DB 1-arm standing press: 17.5kg- 8/8, 17.5kg- 8/8,

1A - BB Squat : 90kg/8, 95kg/8, 100kg/8
2A - DB 1-arm standing press: 20kg- 8/8, 20kg- 8/8, 20kg- 8/8,

2A 1-leg squat/pistol: 8/8, 8/8 8/8
2B DB Step-ups: - 22.5kg- 8/8, 22.5kg- 8/8, 22.5kg- 6/6,

3A SB 1-leg curl: 8/8, 8/8 8/8,
3B Spiderman Climb : 12/12, 10/10 12/12

+ 20 mins Intervals on Bike - 6 cycles


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