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 jumped on the scale this morning 84kg ouch! compared to last time I logged this which was also 04/01 ... that was 80kg - this is what happens when you let go of the ball. Its not all muscle - .....
so definitely need to give my best during TC4 so I can be in decent shape by April.

Now the CalorieKing thing states I should be eating 1747 calories daily - only managed 1611 yesterday & that was with chocolate ! see now this is why food is my achilles heel

But that said I am going to go out & enjoy the great weather before going back to work tomorrow !!

Oh yeah managed the early rising without alarm this morning so my body clock is working on its own - was just going for 06:00am this week reckon might just go for the 05:3.0am.
EDIT: got some feedback on  another forum so  ......

I think CalorieKing has some 80's diet formula in it .... I remember it being a bit light last time I used it regularly.

So my current weight is 85kg ( strong desire to be back @ 78- 80kg) - which i think is (x 2.2) 187lb - therefore ( x 11) 2057 cal - which is quite a bit more that I am eating !!!

so this weeks goal will be to increase to min 1900 - while not eating junk - today was a bad day , but am dusting myself off with a plan so i don't end up on the floor again this week.


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