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sorry guys haven't been around all week really - gotta love those 12hr days!! especially when you end up doing them for 2 weeks ...

anyhow while not perfect have been getting workouts in - just no time to log them.

This weeks goal will be to get that balance back ... otherwise that stomach pouch will come back - looks like you are all doing great


Mar. 8th, 2009 08:49 pm
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Been offline most of the weekend - got enthralled in a couple of books :) last week was a bad one - not sure what happened there - happened last year when Hockey started - gotta find a way to balance TT & Hockey. ... well for now lets see how many seasons I can do this especially if I am going to play on the wing again.

Early morning today - some hill walking

+ TT hard similar stuff to last week - but was harder to push out - nutrition has not been great this weekend - still good

Workout A - 2K6 - Week 2 (06:00pm ish)
Bodyweight warmup x2
1A) bodyweight squat 10 reps
1B) close-grip Push-Up 10 reps
1C)SB leg curl 12 reps

Warmup - superset
1A) DB incline press : 6 Reps - 22.5kg/6 22.5kg/6,
1B) DB Row: 6 Reps 25kg-6/6, 25kg-6/6

1A) DB incline press : 6 Reps - 27.5kg/6 27.5kg/6, 27.5kg/6,
1B) DB Row: 6 Reps 32.5kg-4/4, 30kg-6/6 , 30kg-6/6

2A) chinups: 8 Reps - bodyweight -8, 7+1, 7+1,
2B) DB chest press: 8 Reps 27.5kg/8, 27.5kg/8, 27.5kg/8,

3A) Close-grip pushups : 25 Reps 25, 25, 25
3B) DB Rear Delt raise : 10 Reps = 15kg/10, 15kg/10, 15kg/10,

+ 20min Bike - Mod intensity - endurance
4 mins - level 20
1 min - level 8
& repeat

Ipod: Jesus mary chain - really need to find time to update my workout Ipod


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