Jan. 12th, 2010 08:26 pm
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Bodyweight-complexes - Advanced: ( 6 sets - 30 sec rest between):
8 Pylo split squats - subbed with Reverse lunges ( 8/8)
8 Jump squats
8 Explosive pushups or Decline Spiderman pushups ( bench) 8/8
8 Burpees
30 sec plank hold

Short rest then:
Rope-skipping 6 sets - 30 secs between:
Skipping 60 secs

Finish with 10 mins bike

Nutrition without standard lunch is working a treat & am not bingeing as could be the case - feels like its working by my jeans as well - Tanita scales have still not arrived just got an email stating they will be in stock Thursday - Well why the ##@ didn't you post that on your website ??? hmm ?? yes of course because I would have gone elsewhere ..... nevermind another few days won't hurt in the grand scheme of things

Plan of taking my breaks & reading well hasn't quite worked out - but am getting plenty of reading on the bus/home - but really do need to start to take my breaks .

Now I think I have lost my cell phone ... bugger just when I have convinced myself an IPhone is not essential!!

Date: 2010-01-12 08:06 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] red_trillium
Hopefully you'll keep seeing quick results from the change in your eating habits. Cutting back on binging is good. I seem to have started the year with the occassional binge and am trying to get it under control: "treats" not every other meal.

Breaks are much-needed but time sure can fly before you know it. I find that my earlier go-home time really creeps up on me so I have to try to be mindful of taking my breaks as opposed to when I was working later.

Argh! I hope you find your phone soon!


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