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2K7- workout A
Bodyweight warm-up: x2
A: 1-Arm ( broomstick) overhead squat - 10, 10,10
B: Stick-ups -8 Reps 10, 10,10
C: Close-grip push-ups -8 Reps10, 10,10

Warm-up x2
1A - BB Squats : 60kg-8, 60kg-8
1B - DB Incline press : 22.5kg-8, 22.5kg-8

1A BB Squats -: 100kg-8, 100kg-8, 100kg-8
# note concentrating on getting parallel everytime
1B DB Incline press - 27.5kg-8, 25kg-8, 25kg-8

2A DB Row - 30kg-8/8, 32.5kg-8/8, 32.5kg-8/8
2B 1-leg bench squat - 8 Reps for all sets 8/8, 8/8 8/8

3A DB swing - 15 Reps 20kg-20, 20kg-20, 20kg-20
3B Squat-thrusts with pushup - 10 reps x3

Dropped the Ipod as well - enjoyed it this way -

Wasn't going to push it too hard today since its the 1st day in the gym for a week & haven't really been the gym properly for 2 weeks .... That said thought was a good solid workout -

Date: 2009-05-10 02:38 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Looks good. I gotta say I need to bust back down on weight on the squat. I'm fine at 17-18" but fall back after that. I did read that some people just can't squat so low, but I'm thinking its a hip flexibility thing and I should be able to work into it.
I've done some workouts without my ipod and like it, but I don't like hearing the other folks around. If the gym were empty and I could workout? It would be great!

Date: 2009-05-10 05:31 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yeah was lucky !! just me & 2 cardio freaks ( ie spent the whole time I was there on cardio machines).

I reckon you are right about the flexibility - thought I would have issues yesterday due to that & long hours in front of PC recently .... BUT reckon overhead bodyweight squats are good for warming up/stretching that area out.

was going to keep at this weight till can consistently stay low down in the squat - but then maybe adjusting the weight up now & again will help as well .


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