Jan. 8th, 2010

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Well it was well overdue, one of those "ugh no" tasks, so with today being my last workday off before I go back to work it had to be done today.

I have an awful habit or is that an addiction of collecting bookmarks for sites/things i just might need, go back to ..... etc .

Fact is like most of us, I tend to use veery few of sites I have bookmarked, so bit the bullet so to speak & exported all the bookmarks ( very easy to do on a mac as it is on PC ?) as suspected there was a very long list. Well I haven't made a real attempt tp clean them out since buying the mac a few years back now.

So the decision is to cull hard knowing I have a fool proof backup of all the bookmarks ? well the only answer is yes, so anything no used in the last 2 months is going to be culled the exception being a select few reference sites.

Would be great to have the option to store them online somewhere ... but that also will just lead to cluttering no doubt. which begs the question with google how many bookmarks do we actually need ???


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Okay, my legs were a bit sore, no thats not the word, you know ... but by this evening was good , had spent a bit of the day de-cluttering files & stuff on the mac (making good use of it being the last work day at home boo hoo !).

#6/260- Tonights workout - LITs: 9 cycles
Easy 3/10
Working: 9/10
Did them on the bike as normal

But after 4 cycles I was bored out of my brain & could not continue ..... so decided to do some thing else:

skipping tabatas X3
20 sec work - 10 sec rest & repeat 8 times - 1 min rest between exercises

all this begs the question, am back to that age old problem what is a good replacement for bike/treadmill/rowing machine as I seem to have a very low tolerance for them .. which is not a bad thing except when you are meant to be doing intense intervals ! :)

so while skipping gives you a good sweat am thinking its not a replacement ??? would KB swings 30 sec on/30 sec off then build up work ? open to ideas .....


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