Apr. 19th, 2009

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Yeah I know I have said i am not playing Hockey this season .... but got tempted :)

Opening day festival for my old team was just 10 mins down the road - same pitch we train at - so couldn't help myself. Went out for a ride on the bike & dropped in to watch the game & wouldn't you know it they only had 1 sub (you really do need 3) & then none for the last game. it was not so subtly hinted at that I shd play a game or 2.

This would mean riding up the hill I had a mental barrier over on my bike as well - Well did that great guns not only rode but sprinted up the hill in reasonably heavy traffic as well .. YAY!!

Played the game & had fun - team are definitely seeing the results from actual having real training/coaching this year - perhaps I shd have stayed on ? - but then my ankle & achilles are a tad sore & prob in need of ice so maybe not - will have to drop off the shirt I used @ training this week anyway.

Still want to get a workout this afternoon/evening as weather is going to be pear-shaped rest of the week apparently ( read this as storms).

oh yeah anyone else here on Twitter ??
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As stated earlier - spent this morning cycling inc hill sprints & Hockey - so the legs were going to be a little worn out - have gone a little easy on them :D

2K7 - workout B 005.00pm ish
Bodyweight warm-up: x2
A: 1-Arm DB overhead squat - 8 Reps per arm -7kg-8/8, 7kg-8/8,
B: Stick-ups -8 Reps
C: Close-grip push-ups -8 Reps

Warm-up x2
1A - pullups ( assisted) -8 reps -: 32kg-5, 32kg-5,
1B - DB Bulgarian split-squat - 8 reps: front loaded  10kg plate  8/8, 8/8

1A pullups ( assisted) - Max reps: 6, 4,4
1B DB Bulgarian split-squat - 8 reps sets 1-2, 12 reps set 3: front-loaded 15kg plate 8/8, 8/8, 12/12

2A DB chest press - 8 reps sets 1-2, 12 reps set 3 BB-bench ( bar =15kg) 45kg-8, 55kg-8 55kg-8
2B DB/BB Step ups - 8 Reps all sets :  subbed  BB forward elevate lunge 20kg-8/8, 30kg-8/8, 40kg-8/8,

3A Aligator 8 reps per side : 10kg plate - Reps: 12, 16, 16
3B DB siff squat 12 Reps : 20kg -8, 20kg -8, 20kg -8

Will now stick  with BB Bench rather than DB press for next few weeks .. enjoying the difference from DB's....

All up a nice active day  :D


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